2019 Recap

Here is a short recap of the work we have been involved with so far this year.
We finished up in Marianna FL at the end of Feb 2019. 14 semi loads of supplies were handed out and 68,842 meals were prepared, paid for or handed out.

As of 7/7/2019 we are still purchasing small appliances & furniture for the Florida Panhandle area.

Jan 2019 for the past few weeks we have been helping with the Camp Fire/Paradise CA. We have purchased and shipped Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Cot Pads, Heaters, Pillows and many different Small Appliances.

March 2019 we started purchasing small appliances for the FL Panhandle area. As of 7/7 we are still handing them out and also helped purchase a large load of furniture for the families there and in Lee Co Alabama.

March 2019 – 3076 meals were prepared and handed out in Lee County Alabama after the tornado there. As of 7/7 we are still handing out small appliances & furniture there.

May 2019 – 320 meals plus work gloves & contractor garbage bags were purchased and handed out in Pendleton IN after a tornado hit there.

May 2019 – 2316 meals were prepared and handed out in Dayton OH after tornado.

June 2019 – Pine Bluff Arkansas flooding. We prepared and handed out 15,749 meals and other supplies. We worked with the EMA, Hazel ST CoC, New Life Church, Red Cross and many local volunteers.

July 2019 – Hurricane Barry Louisiana – We served meals in Franklin, Oberlin & surrounding Louisiana areas. In 6 days we handed out 3827 meals. Zachary CoC help us with assessing the damage and with supply delivery.

Sept 2019 – Hurricane Dorian N/C-We setup in Swan Quarter, NC and handed out meals to first responders, fire department, emergency management and also sent and delivered meals to Ocracoke Island. Total meals were 8247.

Sept 2019 – Flooding Winnie TX – When we finished in NC we went straight to our home base, loaded the mobile headquarters and hooked up to the generator trailer and headed to Texas. We first setup at Tractor Supply then moved to Winnie-Stowell Church of Christ. Between both locations we handed out over 250 bibles and lots of other bible study items, hundreds of people were invited to church. We also handed out 14,891 meals and 4 semi loads of supplies.

Oct 2019 – Kincade Fire CA, Julie Workman visited some of the shelters to find out what their needs were. Julie and I met last year while I was in CA working one of the fires. She found out that the area restaurants have been providing supplies for meals but many other items are needed, We sent her to Walmart to purchase, personal care items, snacks, Pedialyte, thermometers, water and gator aid for the med unit. And under garments for adults, kids and warm clothes for kids 0 to 5 for the shelter and other items. On 10/29 the above items were delivered to both Petaluma Fairgrounds and the on site medical center.
Churches, businesses or individuals if you have funds remaining in your 2019 budget, you need not struggle with the questions where is the need, who should get the help or how is our donations being spent. The Disaster Assistance Mission IS YOUR ANSWER, let us administer your donations for you.

We know where the need is, we have volunteers or contacts there to help get the work done. We post updates with photos so you or your members can say look this is what our donations are doing. You can donate to our work 2 ways. Online at www.disasterassistancecoc.com or make check payable to and mail to:

Disaster Assistance CoC, C/O Lake Jackson Church of Christ, 402 Center Way St, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. If you want this donation to go towards our work the above two options are the only choices. Making check payable to someone else or mailing to a different address will not go towards this effort.
We can continue to do this work of feeding hungry people whose lives have been devastated by disasters only with the financial support of our brothers and sisters across the U.S.

Please pray for the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed and for us as we show the love of the Lord to them by just providing a simple meal, supplies and a helping hand.

disasterassistancecoc.com an outreach mission of the Church of Christ.


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