Hurricane Laura

-Disaster Assistance Mission/Hurricane Laura-Well I think today was the hardest day I have had in years. The photos below are just in random order. We had so many wonderful volunteers today, I just want to thank them with out you we couldn’t have done all of this.

Today we did a total of 3570 meals. Here is the breakdown. Tom & Kara did 400 in Starks LA, Sid did 1000 in Lake Charles LA & here at 9th & Elm CoC we handed out or delivered 2170, 500 of which went to Sulphur/Carlyss LA.
My suppliers are raising their prices again. Our cost per meal is more then double what it was last year. We need your help—
donation information is at an outreach mission of the Church of Christ.


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  • Brenda Barbre
    11 months ago

    I’m willing to help. I’ve helped before. I can assist in helping with applications for assistance. I’ve helped in the kitchen , handed out meals, and furniture.

    • Hi Brenda
      Just let me know when you want to come and how long you want to stay. We still do not have electric and have no place for volunteers to stay.

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