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The Disaster Assistance Ministry provides free meals, small appliances/kitchen wares and volunteers to help with cleanup to victims of all kinds of natural disasters – floods, hurricanes, tornados, fires, earthquakes, etc. We have a Director of Outreach that works with this mission to setup bible studies in the areas we are helping. With the help of local churches in the affected areas, we are able to serve as many as 5,000 or more people per day.

We try to share the love and understanding of Jesus with them. We want them to know that God cares and we do too. Due to the efforts of volunteers in this home missionary work, hundreds of bible studies have been conducted and we are aware of many people who have been baptized into Christ. Most importantly, we volunteers are there to help the local church.

“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

We have served with the following churches:

Hurricane Gustav – Goodwood Church Christ, LA
Hurricane Ike – Lake Jackson Church of Christ, Tx
  Broadway Church of Christ, Tx
Tornado – Kingwood Heights Church of Christ, TN
Flood – Rossville Church of Chris,t GA
Tornado – Yazoo Church of Christ, MS
Flood – Antioch Church of Christ, TN
  Western Hills Church of Christ, TN
   Bellevue Church of Christ, TN
   Shacklett Church of Christ, TN
Tornado – Albert Lea Church of Christ, MN
Oil Spill – Hemley Road Church of Christ, AL
Tornado – Helen St Church of Christ, NC
Tornado – Central Church of Christ, AL
Fire – Smithville Church of Christ, TX
   Bastrop Church of Christ, TX
Tornado – Big Spring CoC, IN
   Northside CoC, IN
   Martinsburg CoC, IN
   Borden CoC, IN
Fire – Mountain View CoC, CO
Hurricane – LaPlace CoC, LA
Hurricane – Long Island CoC, NY
   Far Rockaway CoC, NY
   Mid-Hudson CoC, NY helped in Hoboken NJ
Tornado – Kensington Woods CoC, MS
Explosion – West CoC, TX
Tornado – Cleburne, TX
Tornado – Central CoC, OK
Flood – Westview, Columbine & Windsor CoC, CO
Typhoon – Philippines, working with many CoC groups
Tornado – Mayflower CoC, AR
Flood – Gateway and Gulf Breeze CoC, FL
Tornado – Sycamore, West Side, North Park & State Street CoC, IL
Tornado – Van CoC, Van TX
Tornado – South Main CoC, Henderson TX
Flood – Palmetto, West Columbia, Windsor Lake, Long Creek,
Sunset Blvd and Lexington Churches of Christ, SC
Tornado – Eastridge CoC, Rockwall TX
Tornado – Gateway Church of Christ, Pensacola FL
Flood – Forsythe Church of Christ, Monroe TX

Flood – McKinley Ave Church of Christ, Clarksdale MS
Flood – Highland Heights Church of Christ, Houston TX
Flood – Lewisburg Church of Christ, WV
Flood – Goodwood Church of Christ, LA
Hurricane – St Augustine, FL
Hurricane – Lumberton, NC
Fire – Gatlinburg TX
Tornado – Kensington Woods CoC, Hattiesburg MS
Tornado – New Orleans, LA
Tornado – Canton CoC, Canton TX
Flood – Burlington, WI
Hurricane – League City, Lake Jackson, Pearland, Westside, Southeast CoC South TX
Hurricane – Jacksonville CoC, FL
Fires – Santa Rosa, CA
Tornado – Central IN
2016 Flood – Baton Rouge LA area
Flood/Mudslide – Kauai CoC, Hawaii
Volcano – East Hawaii CoC
Flood – SW Texas- 8th & Harrison CoC, Mercedes CC, Harvey Drive CoC
Fire – Redding CA- Alta Mesa & Anderson CoC
Hurricane – Helen St CoC, Fayetteville NC
Hurricane – FL Panhandle – Timberlane CoC,  Niceville CoC, Prattville CoC
Tornado – Alabama – Auburn CoC, 10st CoC, Prattville CoC ,  Alexander City CoC & Westgate CoC
Flood – Arkansas – Hazel St CoC & New Life
Hurricane – Louisiana – Zachary CoC
Hurricane – North Carolina – Swan Quarter Christian
Flooding – Winnie TX – Winnie-Stowell CoC
Flooding – Jackson/Ridgeland MS – Harbour Drive CoC
Tornado – Cookeville TN – Double Springs CoC
Flooding – Midland/Sanford Michigan – Wheeler Road CoC
Hurricane – Orange TX – 9th & Elm CoC
Hurricane – Summerdale AL – Summerdale CoC
Tornado – Fultondale AL – Decatur Highway CoC, Prattville CoC, Hampton Cove CoC & Columbiana CoC

People who have suffered through weather related disasters are especially appreciative of the help that members of the Church of Christ have provided thru the efforts of such organizations as “Disaster Assistance.” Please, as you have opportunity, continue to remember this work. To the best of our ability, through this work, Jesus will be glorified and the Church of Christ will be magnified. Please continue to check here for information on our activities and important info as how to contribute much needed funds. Thank you so much for your gracious support.

~ Don Hudson, Director of Outreach

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