Past Missions

In the spring of 2008 plans were put in place to start Disaster Assistance CoC. Here is a recap of our work so far. On September 6, 2008 I left Florida for Goodwood Church of Christ in Baton Rouge. We spent a little over 2 weeks there setting up bible studies, handing out food boxes and supplies and cooking meals for the people affected by Gustav. Then Ike hit Texas and we move to Lake Jackson, TX and setup at the Lake Jackson Church of Christ. There we did the same things we were doing at Goodwood. Serving meals at the church, taking to go meals out into the community and than preparing meals and taking them to Surfside and serving them there. We held church services there at Surfside two Sundays. From here we moved on to Galveston, TX and setup up at the Broadway Church of Christ. This turned out to be a real challenge. There still was no electric there at the church and everything in the church building had been removed because of the flooding. We setup outside on the street and sidewalk than started cooking with the power of generators using roasters. El Campo Church of Christ brought us a refrigerator/freezer that ran off a generator also. This effort quickly grew until we were serving between 800 and 1000 meals each day. This was made possible only because of the help of many volunteers and churches two numerous to mention because I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. From there we headed over to Port Bolivar and setup up at the Bolivar fire station. The Church of Christ there at Crystal Beach was totally destroyed by the storm. Many truck loads of supplies were passed out and 39083 meals were served. I headed back home on December 6.

Our next mission was in Murfreesboro, TN where we worked with the Kingwood Heights Church of Christ after the tornado there. Much cleanup done, 1804 meals served and many loads of other supplies were handed out.

Than a few weeks later we were off to Hemly Road Church of Christ in Bayou La Batre, AL, to spend a week of follow up Evangelism work there. 21 bible studies and 460 meals served.

The next mission was working with the Rossville CoC in Rossville, GA helping the people affected by the flood. The results of these missions were hundreds of Bible Studies were setup, numerous Baptisms, 14 semi loads of food and supplies were passed out and over 1285 meals were cooked and served. 2010 started off with a bang. We went to Yazoo City, MS on 4/15 and was there 8 days. We served 1531 meals and Don had 30 bible studies going on.

From there we went to Nashville, TN to help after the flood April & May. We worked with Antioch Western Hills and Shacklett Church of Christ and with Lispcomb University. We were there 25 days, cooked 6371 meals. Don had many bible studies going on and volunteers worked on around 200 houses.

On 6/18 I went to Albert Lea CoC in MN and worked there after the tornado for a week. So far we have spent 9 weeks in Bayou La Batre helping the families affected by the oil spill. Served 5690 meals

January 1, 2011 I traveled to the Port Charlotte Church of Christ on the West Coast of Florida. I spent 31/2 months there doing fund raising projects and visiting churches.

On April 17, we traveled to Fayetteville, NC and worked with Helen St CoC after the tornado. We had over 40 bible studies setup, served 2566 meals and handed out many supplies.

We arrived in Tuscaloosa, AL on Thursday April 28th the day after the tornado hit. The following is what we accomplished. Over 150 Bible Studies Setup, 12 Baptisms, 42,866 Meals Served. Over 800 families helped with cleanup (chainsaw and other work). Many loads of other food, water and supplies handed out. Church building was completely torn down and hauled away. Furniture and appliances still being handed out.

We arrived in Smithville, TX on September 9 a few days after the fire and started working with Smithville Church of Christ. Around 1600 homes were destroyed and many others damaged. We setup at the Rec Center and served meals there until all people were moved out of the shelter. We than moved to Bastrop Church of Christ in Bastrop, TX. Over 1200 families were helped with food, cloths, water, furniture, appliances and many other supplies. 10,768 meals were served. The Bastrop CoC will continue to be one of the main distribution centers for the county well into 2012.

On March 3, 2012 we headed to Southern Indiana after tornadoes swept thru the area. We setup in Pekin IN. The seven weeks we were there over 1000 volunteers helped cleanup and repair damaged homes, deliver meals and handed out many loads of other supplies. 13,183 meals were served. We worked closely with Northside and Big Spring
CoC. Martinsburg and Borden CoC were very involved also.

Left for Colorado Springs on June 27, 2012. Was there 4 weeks setup up at ground zero. We had many
volunteers helping those owners who’s houses were burned clean up and sift thru ashes. Prepared
and handed out 1249 meals plus many other food items and supplies. We were working with
Mountain View CoC had volunteers from there and many other churches helping.

Sept/Oct – We spent 7 weeks working after Hurricane Isaac in LaPlace LA. 15787 meals were served, over 40 families were helped with cleanup/repairs and many other boxes of food and supplies were handed out.

The end of Oct we headed north to NJ/NY for Hurricane Sandy. We started in Hoboken NJ and moved to Far Rockaway NY. 22,588 meals were served in a little over 6 weeks. The week of Christmas we had over 50 volunteers helping install sheetrock in LaPlace LA. In NY we were working with Long Island Church of Christ on our Christmas for the Kids program. Many gift cards from ToysRUs were handed out to the families that leaders and other members of Long Island CoC were conducting Bible studies with. They have between 350 – 400 families that they are going to be following up with. Normally after a storm like Hurricane Sandy we would be setup and helping for many months, but because of the extreme weather conditions and lack of housing for volunteers we are modifying our program. Rather than buying supplies to cook meals we are purchasing groceries and other supplies for the leaders of Long Island CoC to take to the families they are having Bible Studies with. Long Island CoC is also trying to arrange housing so volunteers will be able to come and help with cleanup and installation of sheetrock.

We headed to Hattiesburg MS on Monday 2/11/13 after the tornado the day before. It was a F4 that damaged over 2000 homes of which over 200 were destroyed. We setup at the Kensington Woods Church of Christ and worked with them for 4 weeks. 13,741 meals were handed out at the church and delivered into the community. Other food boxes and supplies were handed out at the church and Kensington Woods continues to follow up with over 1000 families for bible studies and other needs (furniture, appliances and cleanup)

April 2013 we headed to West Church of Christ to help after the explosion. While we were there a tornado hit in Cleburne TX about 45 miles from where we were in West. We took meals there to help for a few days while still setup at West CoC. Then before we were finished another tornado hit in Moore OK, we loaded up food and supplies for the 4 day Memorial weekend to serve 9000 meals. We were setup in both locations for about two weeks then moved everything to Central Church of Christ in Moore OK. While in West we served 10,201 meals and handed out many truck loads of supplies. We were setup at Central CoC for 3 months, served 67,003 meals, helped around 400 families with cleanup and repairs, handed out other food and supplies to 3000 families. While we were there over 1000 volunteers came from all over the USA, stayed with us there at Central and helped with all areas of our work.

The second week of September we headed to Evans Colorado to help with the flooding. We setup in the Dairy Specialist parking and was working with Westview, Columbine and Windsor Church of Christ. We handed out 15,944 meals, many semi loads of other food and supplies and helped many families clean up their homes. Many church members delivered food and supplies door to door and had conducted many bible studies.

November we started helping in the Philippines after Typhoon. We are working with several CoC groups and building many houses and handing out supplies.

On 4/28 I left Indiana for Mayflower AR to help with the tornado damage. Before I arrived there floods hit in the Florida Panhandle. I arrived at the Mayflower Church and got things setup and left some of our equipment and 5 of our experienced volunteers that has helped us many times stayed there in Mayflower while I headed to Pensacola. We setup at the Gateway Church of Christ and also worked with Gulf Breeze CoC. In just 3 weeks combined at both locations we served over 16,000 meals handed out many loads of supplies and help with cleanup and mucking of houses.

2014-Ongoing full time work in the Philippines. Purchased materials for repairing and rebuilding homes and church buildings. Donated van and small boat for delivery of materials, supplies and getting families to worship and lively hood projects. Weekly support for mission work in Eastern Samar. Purchased food, clothing and other supplies to be handed out to those in need after the Typhoon. Over 100 Baptisms.

4/17/15-I drove to Fairdale IL to help after the tornado there. We delivered 4011 meals to home owners affected by the storm and to volunteers. We were setup at ground zero(Fairdale) for the first 3 days and at the Monroe Center Fire station for the rest of the time. We helped in Fairdale for about 2 weeks.

On 5/11/15 I headed to Van Church of Christ in Van TX to help after the Tornado there. We were there for 2 weeks and was ready to leave when a Tornado hit in Henderson TX. We loaded up supplies and headed to South Main Church of Christ in Henderson TX. Again we were there for 2 weeks. At both locations we delivered meals each day to those affected by the storms and to the volunteers that were helping with clean up and repairs. At both Churches members and other volunteers handed out water, food, cleaning supplies and many other items that were donated by groups and people who dropped them off almost on a daily basis. Between both locations we prepared 13,414 meals. Just before I left Van we made arrangements with IDES to supply materials for sheds to be installed at homes who had damaged, there were a total of 20 sheds setup by Van Church members, other volunteers and IDES.

On Saturday 10/4, we headed to Southeast Knoxville, TN and waited at RV park until the roads were open so we could travel to Palmetto Church of Christ in Columbia SC. There we setup our operations to help those families that were affected by the Flooding. While we were setup at Palmetto CoC we were also coordinating work with West Columbia, Windsor Lake, Long Creek, Sunset Blvd. and Lexington Churches of Christ. Over the next 7 weeks we helped with the following, prepared and delivered 19,771 meals, outreach program that setup and conducted several bible studies, handed out several loads of donated supplies, had many volunteers helping with cleanup and repairs of the flooded homes, arranged with (IDES) to deliver and help setup several storage buildings and purchased and delivered many small appliances and kitchenware’s to families in need.

Tuesday 12/29 we arrived in the Dallas TX area to help with the tornado needs. We setup at the Eastridge Church of Christ in Rockwall. Over the next 23 days we prepared and delivered 32,608 meals into the damaged areas and to families that were forced to stay in hotels. We also purchased small appliances/kitchen wares that were given to 25 families that had moved into temp housing or getting ready to. Many wonderful volunteers from Eastridge CoC, local area and out of towners helped to make this possible.

2/28/16 I flew into Pensacola FL following a Tornado. We setup at the Gateway Church of Christ and purchased supplies and food for  2779 meals. Many Gateway members helped with meal prep and delivery others helped with cleanup and repairs.

3/14 We purchased supplies and personal items for the flood victims in Monroe, LA. These items were handed out by Forsythe Church of Christ. 

3/28/16 I headed to Clarksdale, MS to help after the flooding. While there we prepared & served 11,985 meals. Don Hudson conducted several Bible Studies and turned over the information to the McKinley Ave Church of Christ when he left. Also many cleanup kits and water that was donated by IDES was handed out. On the 23 of April we left for Houston TX to help after the flooding there. We setup at the Highland Heights CoC and cooked and served 6592 meals in just 3 weeks.

7/1/16 we headed to White Sulphur Springs WV to help after the flooding. In only 5+ weeks we prepared and delivered 15,462 meals, conducted many bible studies, handed out many donated supplies and  prepared and handed out many totes full of Small Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Wares.

8/17/16 we were on our way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to help after the flooding. In 40 days we prepared and delivered 50,595 meals. Many bible studies were conducted and we continued to help there thru December purchasing and handing out over $15,000.00 worth of small kitchen appliances/kitchen wares. We also purchased $14,000.00 of  furniture and bedding which High Socks For Hope delivered. Volunteers also delivered many loads of donated supplies.

10/8/16 we left for St Augustine FL to help after Hurricane Matthew. We helped there for 3 days and headed up the coast to Lumberton, NC. Between the two locations we prepared and handed out 25,896 meals. While in Lumberton we were setup at the main distribution center for the city. There many loads of donated supplies were handed out daily. Also Don handed out several bibles. We were on this mission for 4 weeks.

12/8/16 I arrived in East Tennessee to help with the Smoky Mountain Fires. We handed out many tracks, 9913 meals ready for the home or hotel microwave and over 5000 other donated items(protein bars, stockings stuffed with gifts for all ages, bags of candy, Gatorade, chips and many other items. We helped Sevierville and Gatlinburg Churches of Christ move supplies and attended Gatlinburg CoC in their temp building the two Sundays we were there.

1/23/17 I arrived at Kensington Woods CoC, Hattiesburg MS, there was tornado damage in the area. I met with one of the Elders and he drove us around looking for the best location to setup. We decided to setup in Petal to be closer to the damage. The following 16 days we served 8661 meals, many other supplies were handed out by Kensington Woods members and other out of town volunteers. Also 500 name and addresses were collected and are being followed up on by Kensington Woods CoC.

2/10/17 We moved on to the New Orleans area following a tornado in Orleans Parish. There we setup at ground zero in a parking lot found by Fred Frankie (Operation Nehemiah) for us. Over the next two weeks we handed out 10734 meals while working closely with the City Councilman’s office.

5/1/17 We headed to Canton TX to help after the tornado there. We worked with the Canton Church of Christ for 3 weeks. 13335 meals were prepared and handed out. Many other donated supplies were handed out and delivered. Don conducted many bible studies and left a list of 25 names, phone numbers and addresses for the Elders to follow up with.

7/17/17 I left for Burlington WI to help after the flooding there. We setup at the main distribution center  and delivered meals to those affected and volunteers as well as handing out to those who came to the center to pickup. Many donations were dropped off at the center (water, cleaning supplies, dried and canned food items, personal items, baby items, fresh fruits, produce and frozen meats. Our volunteers delivered many of these items while handing out the meals. Total meals handed out 2520.

8/28/17 We left for Texas and Hurricane Harvey. Stopped 250 miles short and waited until the weather permitted us to move in on 9/1. We setup at the League City Church of Christ and also worked with Lake Jackson, Pearland, Westside, Southeast, Wharton, EL Campo & Floresville Churches of Christ. Many bible studies were conducted, 78,941 meals handed out or delivered, over 8 semi loads of other donated supplies handed out, small kitchen appliances/space heaters purchased and handed out and sheetrock and necessary supplies for repairing flooded housed were purchased and volunteers installed. Several thousand local and out of state volunteers came to help. As of 12/9 we are still purchasing necessary items for those effected as well as continuing to purchase repair supplies. Volunteers are still working in many areas. 

9/23/17 Don Hudson our Director of Outreach and Rosemary headed to Jacksonville Church of Christ in Jacksonville FL to help after Hurricane Irma. While there Don setup and conducted several bible studies, 3124 meals were delivered and several loads of donated supplies were handed out by Don, Rosemary, many volunteers from Jacksonville CoC and some from out of town.

10/20/17 We started helping supply meals and other supplies to those affected by the fires in Santa Rosa, CA. We worked with Redwood Empire Food Bank and Sonoma Family Meals to get 31,225 meals handed out.

11/8/17 After tornado damage in Muncie and Yorktown Indiana we purchased and delivered work gloves, contractor garbage bags, shovels, tarps and materials to repair house damage. 

12/28/17 We have teamed up with Operation Nehemiah to install insulation and purchase other materials in 20 houses . These houses are located in the Baton Rouge area were we were setup last year.

1/1/18 We are continuing to help in Texas and Louisiana, purchasing supplies and materials to repair homes. Also supplying small appliances and bedding.

4/18 Mid April we started helping in Kauai Hawaii after the flooding/mudslides. We purchased supplies and helped furnish volunteers for 3500 meals and many other needed supplies. We are continuing to help there with supplies, tools and volunteers to help with cleanup.

5/24/18 We started helping on the Big Island Hawaii after the volcano eruption. Most days we have volunteers purchasing food, water, tools, tents, camping stoves, solar lights and many other needed supplies for those who have been evacuated.  

6/28/18 We left for Mercedes/Harlingen/Weslaco TX. Over the next 4 weeks we handed out or delivered 20,485 meals, 2 semi loads of misc supplies and 1 semi load of water.  

8/2/18 I flew into Sacramento CA , then drove 2 hrs to Redding there we help with the Carr Fire. Over the next 3 plus weeks we handed out 4,956 meals, water, Gatorade & many truck and car loads of donated personal care items. Each meal and care bag we handed out contained information from Alta Mesa & Anderson Church of Christ. Most of this was done from a distribution table we setup next to the FEMA and state disaster assistance office. The first week we delivered lunches to 5 hotels for fire evacuees that were staying there.

9/13/18 Left for North Carolina and Hurricane Florence. We decided to setup in Fayetteville at the Helen Street Church of Christ and open a distribution center. For the first few days we delivered meals to evacuees staying in hotels and taking meals and other supplies out to the communities in need. Then we started suppling food, cleaning supplies and other items to churches & groups within a 50 mile radius of Fayetteville. Most days we had 14-18 churches coming to Helen Street CoC to pickup supplies to take back to their area for those in need. We were there for 4 weeks and handed out a little over 20 semi loads of supplies and 24,338 meals. After meeting with the Elders it was decided that we should head to Florida and Hurricane Michael.

10/11/18 Don and Rosemary left for Tallahassee where they met with Timberlane CoC. After surveying several areas it was decided we would setup in Marianna FL at a RV park which would give those in need easy access to food and supplies. Over the next few days Don & Rosemary worked with Timberlane & Caverns Road CoC delivering supplies and water door to door. I arrived in Marianna on 10/21 with our Mobile Headquarters and the generator trailer. We rented a pod and was donated a 18×58 military tent which we setup as a distribution center for supplies for Marianna and other towns within around a 50 mile radius. As of 2/12/19 we have handed out 12 semi loads of supplies and lots of meals. We have also teamed up with other groups to cook and hand out meals so far all together we have handed out over 65,000 meals/sandwiches. Also 12/15-18 we teamed with a group from Prattville CoC to hand out toys and many other items. At the beginning of the year we will also start helping with materials and small appliances.

We finished up in Marianna at the end of Feb 2019. 14 semi loads of supplies were handed out and 68,842 meals were prepared, paid for or handed out.

As of 7/7/2019 we are still purchasing small appliances & furniture for the Florida Panhandle area.

Jan 2019 for the past few weeks we have been helping with the Camp Fire/Paradise CA. We have purchased and shipped Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Cot Pads, Heaters, Pillows and many different Small Appliances.

March 2019 we started purchasing small appliances for the FL Panhandle area. As of 7/7 we are still handing them out and also helped purchase a large load of furniture for the families there and in Lee Co Alabama.

March 2019 – 3076 meals were prepared and handed out in Lee County Alabama after the tornado there. As of 7/7 we are still handing out small appliances & furniture there.

May 2019 – 320 meals plus work gloves & contractor garbage bags were purchased and handed out in Pendleton IN after a tornado hit there.

May 2019 – 2316 meals were prepared and handed out in Dayton OH after tornado.

June 2019 – Pine Bluff Arkansas flooding. We prepared and handed out 15,749 meals and other supplies. We worked with the EMA, Hazel ST CoC, New Life Church, Red Cross and many local volunteers.

July 2019 – Hurricane Barry Louisiana – We served meals in Franklin, Oberlin & surrounding Louisiana areas. In 6 days we handed out 3827 meals. Zachary CoC help us with assessing the damage and with supply delivery.

Sept 2019 – Hurricane Dorian N/C-We setup in Swan Quarter, NC and handed out meals to first responders, fire department, emergency management and also sent and delivered meals to Ocracoke Island. Total meals were 8247.

Sept 2019 – Flooding Winnie TX – When we finished in NC we went straight to our home base, loaded the mobile headquarters and hooked up to the generator trailer and headed to Texas. We first setup at Tractor Supply then moved to Winnie-Stowell Church of Christ. Between both locations we handed out over 250 bibles and lots of other bible study items, hundreds of people were invited to church. We also handed out 14,891 meals and 4 semi loads of supplies.

Oct 2019 – Kincade Fire CA, Julie Workman visited some of the shelters to find out what their needs were. Julie and I met last year while I was in CA working one of the fires. She found out that the area restaurants have been providing supplies for meals but many other items are needed.

We sent her to Walmart to purchase, personal care items, snacks, Pedialyte, thermometers, water and gator aid for the med unit. And under garments for adults, kids and warm clothes for kids 0 to 5 for the shelter and other items. On 10/29 the above items were delivered to both Petaluma Fairgrounds and the on site medical center. 

2/18/20 – We went to Ridgeland/Jackson MS after the flooding. We setup at Lake Harbour Drive Church of Christ. This was a short mission of just a little over 1 week. While there we handed out 4124 meals.

3/2/20 – I arrived home from MS on Sunday and tornado hit Cookeville TN that night so on Monday we headed to Double Springs Church of Christ. We were there almost 8 weeks. While there COVID-19 became a major issue so the second 4 weeks we also feed those affected by the VIRUS. In total we handed out 34,219 meals and many other donated supplies.

4/2020 – In New Castle we purchased 2160 sandwiches, chips and snack cakes for 2 High Schools to help feed the kids that were out of school because of the VIRUS.

4/2020 – Because of the VIRUS we purchased supplies for 2490 meals for families in the Philippines that we had helped previously after a Typhon.

4/13/20 – We purchased supplies for 1950 meals that were prepared in Moss MS after the tornado there.

6/3/20 – We purchased supplies for 1825 meals that were prepared and handed out in Midland & Sanford Michigan after the flooding there.

8/24/20 – Hurricane Laura TX/LA, on 8/24 & 8/26 we purchased food supplies for meals for 1st responders. We arrived at 9th & Elm CoC on 8/30, met with leaders & members of the church. We got setup that afternoon and purchased supplies the next day(Monday) & started our drive-thru hand out on Tuesday. In addition to the meals and supplies handed out in Orange TX we delivered meals to many of the surrounding areas. We also arranged & paid for meals to be prepared and handed out in Lake Charles & Sulphur Louisiana. Our last day there was 9/20, another storm(hurricane Sally) was on a track to possibly come our way so we needed to move our equipment. We were there 3 weeks and prepared, handed out, delivered or purchased 76,986 meals and handed out lots of other supplies.

9/21/20 – Hurricane Sally lower Alabama-We arrived at Summerdale Church of Christ on Monday and setup a drive-thru pickup there at the church. Also meals were delivered door to door and to many hotels where evacuees were staying. Help was provided in areas from Robertsdale down to the Gulf Coast. We stayed for 4 weeks and handed out or delivered 29,434 meals plus lots of donated supplies.

1/28/21 – Tornado Fultondale Alabama-We sent volunteers into the area and helped with the purchasing, prep and handing out of 2,914 meals. Volunteers from Decatur Highway, Prattville, Hampton Cove & Columbiana Churches of Christ, local and many out of town volunteers also helped.

2/23/21 – Texas Freeze-Two of our volunteers from Kilgore TX took their RV over to the Houston area and helped prepare & handout meals and also helped deliver supplies. All total we purchased supplies to help with 6341 meals.

3/4/21 – Kentucky Flooding-On 3/4 I met with Clay City Church of Christ and with local City Officials. We setup up at Clay City CoC on Friday 3/5. A drive-thru distribution was setup where we handed out meals. Church, local and out of town volunteers handed out donated supplies. We handed out meals there thru Sunday. On Monday I took meals to the City distribution center for them to hand out and Jim & Gloria took meals to Jackson KY and also met with Jackson CoC. Tuesday we setup at Irvine CoC where they also had the same kind of drive-thru distribution where we handed out meals. We did the same thing at Beattyville CoC on Wed and on Thursday we setup at Salyersville CoC and did it again. All total we handed out 3102 meals.

3/28/21 – Newnan GA Tornado-We arrived in Newnan on 3/28 & had meeting with Newnan CoC leaders. We decided on our plans to help and over the next 2 weeks we handed out 4440 meals. While there we also worked with Peachtree City and Cear Grove Churches of Christ.

6/28/21 – Philippines COVID-19 Assistance-Edwin contacted me about needing food supplies because of a city lock down(COVID-19). Over the next 10 days we purchased food supplies for 150 families which equaled 3000 meals.

8/19/21 – Hurricane Fred North Carolina-We met with Central Haywood CoC and started handing out meals to Lineman and home owners. Were there for 7 days and handed out 4550 meals.

8/23/21 – Tennessee Flooding-We sent 2 of our coordinators to Waverly Church of Christ where they helped with meals, supplies and sign up of families that needed help. When I left NC we went to McEwen CoC just east of Waverly and handed out meals. As of 9/9/21 between both locations we handed out 15,495 meals. Coordinators are still helping at Waverly CoC.

9/3/21 – Hurricane Ida/Louisiana-We started providing meals on 9/3/21. We were setup at Chalmette CoC & Hollywood Road CoC Houma and in 4 other locations around the damaged areas. We handed out 56,145 meals and lots of other donated supplies. Also we had a Coats for Kids effort in which we purchased and handed out over 1000 coats.

12/12/21 – Bowling Green KY Tornado-We setup at Lehman Ave Church of Christ and started serving meals on 12/13. At the end of our second week we had handed out 18,686 meals and helped hand out many loads of donated supplies. As of 12/27 we are still here helping.

12/2021 – Typhoon Ria in the Philippines-We have committed to providing over 27,000 meals, working with Edwin & Blenda Inso in one area and Michael & Deborah Stock in another area. Information and photos will be on our FaceBook page.

We are always prepared to leave for any disaster no matter where I am. The mobile headquarters I travel in has all of our needed equipment and other supplies stored in it so we can get started at any time.