Help Fund Our Liquid Cooled Diesel Generator

Our 2-20kw units(photo below) mounted on special built trailer. Between the two 20kw unites we have 4-50amp, 6-30amp and 12-110 plugs. Each unit will hold 135 gals of diesel fuel. This gives us lots of options. If needed we will have power for the Mobile Headquarters, cooking, other RV’s to hookup and many other uses. At this time we have received $15,000.00 for this project and need another $20,000.00 to pay it off. If you would like to help us with this donation information is on the right.

index--element566We all love diesel generators for the same reason you do. Diesel Generators produce more power, are built stronger and last longer than any other type of generator. What we don’t like about diesel generators is their large size. This is why we developed this smaller standby generator.

This Aurora diesel generator is powered by a compact Perkins, liquid cooled, 400 Series engine. It offers very long life and durability. We used the best controller, alternator, battery, muffler, stainless steel hardware, wires, insulation and electrical component we could. We made it so tough and told our customers all the great things about it. They then asked us, “why is it still just a one year warranty?” That’s when we decided to eliminate all possible objections and double it. Today, our warranty is more than double what any other generator company has for the same class generator.

There is no longer lasting gasoline, natural gas or propane generator that can compare. When you compare fuel and replacement costs of running a diesel generator to other types of generators, diesel is the least expensive and the most reliable option.

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