Hurricane Florence

As I am sure you know, Hurricane Florence has done catastrophic damage in North and South Carolina. At the present time, there have been 23 confirmed deaths and hundreds of water rescues. We have been waiting in Ashville, NC for 3 days for the danger to pass. We will continue on to Fayetteville, NC where we will set up at Helen St Church of Christ. We will be working with Helen St CoC and Cruciform CoC. We will also be taking food and supplies to South Lumberton CoC due to the flooding in their building again. Don will be visiting with other churches in the surrounding area and taking food and supplies to them as well.

Because of the enormous size of the damaged areas, we want to help as many churches and towns as possible. Our plan is to do our normal meal program and also have the fellowship hall serve as a volunteer/supply HUB. The HUB will be a drop off location for collected/donated supplies. We will house these supplies and allow churches and other groups to pick up what they need. We will have volunteers delivering them to churches, towns and other distribution centers within a 60-mile radius. By doing this we will be able to help many more families. Also, those dropping off supplies to us can feel assured that they will get to those in need. This HUB will also provide many volunteers the opportunity to help with cleanup and repairs.

Because of the massive size of this undertaking, it will be a long and expensive mission. With the help of our Brothers & Sisters across the USA we will be able to provide food, supplies and a helping hand to those whose lives have been devastated.

If you have funds to donate for mission work you need not struggle with the questions where is the need, who should get the help or how is our donations being spent. The Disaster Assistance Mission IS YOUR ANSWER, let us administer your donations for you. We know where the need is, we have volunteers or contacts there to help get the work done. We post updates with photos so you or your members can say look this is what our donations are doing.

You can donate to our work 2 ways. Online at or make check payable to and mail to:
Disaster Assistance CoC, C/O Lake Jackson Church of Christ, 402 Center Way St, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. If you want this donation to go towards our work the above two options are the only choices. Making check payable to someone else or mailing to a different address will not go towards this effort.

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, ..” Matt. 25:35

Again, please keep those affected in your prayers and us as we tackle this tremendous outreach mission.

Mike Baumgartner
Disaster Assistance CoC


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