Nashville Area Tornadoes

-Disaster Assistance Mission/Double Springs CoC-We have Super-D-Duper news. Twin Lakes Catfish Farm has teamed with us to make sure we can get the increasing number of meals we will need.

Twin Lakes Catfish Farm will get what we need from their suppliers and prepare the sandwiches. We the Disaster Assistance CoC Mission will pay for the supplies, prepare the meal bags with chips & snack cake, then put the sandwiches in the bags when those picking up the meals arrive.

This will start on Wednesday. We have enough in our freezers here at the church for Monday & Tuesday. As we have been doing each night we will post what the meal will be for the next day.

We are continuing to provide meals to those who were affected by the tornado and volunteers. We are now providing meals to those who are affected by the COVID-19 Virus.

In recap, if you need meals because of the tornado or because you are out of work or school because of the Virus just come here and let us know how many you need and also take to those who can not come here.

If you would like to help us with this mission work donation information is at an outreach mission of the Church of Christ.



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