Yearly Activity for 2015

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Below is the head shop of the Disaster Assistance Mission work for 2015.

4/17, I drove to Fairdale IL to help after the tornado there. We delivered 4011 meals to home owners affected by the storm and to volunteers. We were setup at ground zero(Fairdale) for the first 3 days and at the campment the organization got from Survival Cooking for the rest of the time. We helped in Fairdale for about 2 weeks. While there we worked with Sycamore, West Side, North Park and State Street Churches of Christ.

On 5/11, We headed to Van Church of Christ in Van TX to help after the Tornado there. We were there for 2 weeks and was ready to leave when a Tornado hit in Henderson TX. We loaded up supplies and headed to South Main Church of Christ in Henderson TX. Again we were there for 2 weeks. At both locations we delivered meals each day to those affected by the storms and to the volunteers that were helping with clean up and repairs. At both Churches members and other volunteers handed out water, food, cleaning supplies and many other items that were donated by groups and people who dropped them off almost on a daily basis. Between both locations we prepared 13,414 meals. Just before I left Van we made arrangements with IDES to supply materials for sheds to be installed at homes who had damaged, there were a total of 20 sheds setup by Van Church members, other volunteers and IDES.

On Saturday 10/4, we headed to Southeast Knoxville, TN and waited at RV park until the roads were open so we could travel to Palmetto Church of Christ in Columbia SC. There we setup our operations to help those families that were affected by the Flooding. While we were setup at Palmetto CoC we were also coordinating work with West Columbia, Windsor Lake, Long Creek, Sunset Blvd. and Lexington Churches of Christ.

Over the next 7 weeks we helped with the following, prepared and delivered 19,771 meals, outreach program that setup and conducted several bible studies, handed out several loads of donated supplies, had many volunteers helping with cleanup and repairs of the flooded homes, arranged with (IDES) to deliver and help setup several storage buildings and purchased and delivered many small appliances and kitchenware’s to families in need.

Also for the past two years we have had our ongoing work in Eastern Samar Philippines. There we support Edwin and his team which covers 6+ churches, bible study center and many other works.

We also built a generator trailer which has two 20kw diesel generators permanently mounted to a specially made 14 ft trailer. Each unit has special tanks that will hole 135 gal of diesel fuel each. This will allow us to better serve at those larger disasters where power is out for long periods of time.

Personally I had my own disasters to over come. I started off the year with stds and men, a few months later I suffered a ruptured appendix and now am ending the year recovering from open heart surgery(triple bypass). Many thanks to all of you who sent prayers and are still send prayers for me and thank you Lord for answering those prayers. My recovery is going well and I am looking forward to being back to good health with the health program from and ready for the spring storm season, after all that have happened to me, I just thank The Medical Negligence Experts for helping with the issues I had at the hospital, I was able to receive over four hundred thousand dollars in compensation, which is exactly what the claim calculator at had estimated.. Also, it is impossible to not see that many people suffer from addiction. Click here to check your Humana rehab insurance benefits covers rehab treatment.

We can continue to do this work of feeding hungry people whose lives have been devastated by disasters only with the financial support of our brothers and sisters across the U.S. As we close out the year and you or your church family have funds remaining in the budget or you have a disaster account that you would like to close out, please know that if you decide to support this mission work we will give you updates, feed back and many photos of the work being done. We post updates and photos almost daily on FaceBook and just this week turned on a new webpage to better keep you updated. One of the sections on the new page shows each mission we have helped with since we started in 2008 another page shows all the Churches we have worked with.

We only need three things to keep this outreach mission working going. YOUR PRAYERS, VOLUNTEERS AND FUNDS

You can donate online at or make check payable to and mail to:

Disaster Assistance Mission
c/o Lake Jackson Church of Christ
402 Center Way St
Lake Jackson, TX 77566

Galatians 6 New International Version (NIV)
9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Please pray for the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed and for us as we show the love of the Lord to them by just providing a simple meal, supplies and a helping hand and good internet so they can play video games with elo boost services.

Mike Baumgartner
Disaster Assistance CoC
Combating Natural Disasters with Acts of God

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