Past Work Recap

I have a presentation to make this afternoon, was jotting down some notes and thought I would share some figures with everyone.

Sense the Disaster Assistance Mission began in 2008, we have helped at 33 disasters in 18 states and the Philippines. We have served or handed out over 394,000 meals, hundreds of bible studies have been conducted, families have been helped with Small Appliances/Kitchen Wares and numerous other items. Thousands of families have been help with cleanup and repairs. In the Philippines over 50 homes have been rebuilt and many churches repaired or totally rebuilt.

If we were to put a retail value to the above like others do this would be well over 5 million dollars.

None of this could have been accomplished without the help from hundreds of churches, thousands of volunteers and those of you who provided funds.

Please share this with everyone. Thank You!!!!

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