Progression of the Disaster Assistance CoC Mission

Update on the progression of the Disaster Assistance CoC Mission since its inception in 2008. As most of you know we started out serving/delivering meals and using that as an outreach program of the Church of Christ. By doing this it allowed us to hand out donated supplies and coordinate volunteers to help muck and repair houses. This format continued until 2016 when we teamed with another group to help provide beds/bedding and bed room furniture. That same year we started purchasing and handing out small kitchen appliances to a few families. This was possible because your generous donations allowed us to have the means to do this.

In 2017 Hurricane Harvey hits a large area of South Texas and Louisiana. We handed out 78,941 meals, conducted many bible studies and housed hundreds of volunteers to do all of the other necessary things. When we left Texas after almost 3 months something different happened. We had Churches, business and individuals ask us if we could administer their funds/donations because we knew where the need was and had contacts there to continue helping. They also said we were able to supply the necessary follow up information and photos that they could show there members, employees or friends how there donations were being spent. With this we are now currently distributing funds to multiple locations in Texas and Louisiana to purchase sheetrock, insulation, flooring, cabinets, kitchen appliances, furniture and the necessary materials deeded to complete the work and providing updates and photos of the working being done.

More exciting news at the present time we are talking with a large group about Disaster Assistance CoC administering funds to repair between 25-40 houses, working with another of our partners on plans to help 1000 families and talking with two groups that coordinate volunteers to do mucking and repairs. One group is a well established and the other is a new Church of Christ relief group.

Many thanks to each of you who have sent prayers, donations and volunteered. Without you this growth of the Disaster Assistance CoC Mission would not have been possible.
Churches, businesses or individuals if you have funds to donate for mission work you need not struggle with the questions where is the need, who should get the help or how is our donations being spent. The Disaster Assistance Mission IS YOUR ANSWER, let us administer your donations for you. We know where the need is, we have volunteers or contacts there to help get the work done. We post updates with photos so you or your members can say look this is what our donations are doing.

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