Disaster Assistance Mission/2017 Year in Review-The Disaster Assistance Mission handed out/delivered 148,540 meals this past year. Below you can review each mission activities and all the other supplies and materials.
We want also to give a very special THANK YOU to everyone who sent PRAYERS–VOLUNTEERED–SENT FUNDS
1/23/17 I arrived at Kensington Woods CoC, Hattiesburg MS, there was tornado damage in the area. Met with one of the Elders and he drove us around looking for the best location to setup. We decided to setup in Petal to be closer to the damage. The following 16 days we served 8661 meals, many other supplies were handed out by Kensington Woods members and other out of town volunteers. Also 500 name and addresses were collected and are being followed up on by Kensington Woods CoC.

2/10/17 We moved on to the New Orleans area following a tornado in Orleans Parish. There we setup at ground zero in a parking lot found by Fred Frankie (Operation Nehemiah) for us. Over the next two weeks we handed out 10734 meals while working closely with the City Councilman’s office.

5/1/17 We headed to Canton TX to help after the tornado there. We worked with the Canton Church of Christ for 3 weeks. 13335 meals were prepared and handed out. Many other donated supplies were handed out and delivered. Don conducted many bible studies and left a list of 25 names, phone numbers and addresses for the Elders to follow up with.

7/17/17 I left for Burlington WI to help after the flooding there. We setup at the main distribution center and delivered meals to those affected and volunteers as well as handing out to those who came to the center to pickup. Many donations were dropped off at the center (water, cleaning supplies, dried and canned food items, personal items, baby items, fresh fruits, produce and frozen meats. Our volunteers delivered many of these items while handing out the meals. Total meals handed out 2520.

8/28/17 We left for Texas and Hurricane Harvey. Stopped 250 miles short and waited until the weather permitted us to move in on 9/1. We setup at the League City Church of Christ and also worked with Lake Jackson, Pearland, Westside, Southeast, Wharton, EL Campo & Floresville Churches of Christ. Many bible studies were conducted, 78,941 meals handed out or delivered, over 8 semi loads of other donated supplies handed out, small kitchen appliances/space heaters purchased and handed out and sheetrock and necessary supplies for repairing flooded housed were purchased and volunteers installed. Several thousand local and out of state volunteers came to help. As of 12/9 we are still purchasing necessary items for those effected as well as continuing to purchase repair supplies. Volunteers are still working in many areas.

9/23/17 Don Hudson our Director of Outreach and Rosemary headed to Jacksonville Church of Christ in Jacksonville FL to help after Hurricane Irma. While there Don setup and conducted several bible studies, 3124 meals were delivered and several loads of donated supplies were handed out by Don, Rosemary, many volunteers from Jacksonville CoC and some from out of town.
10/20/17 We started helping supply meals and other supplies to those affected by the fires in Santa Rosa, CA. We worked with Redwood Empire Food Bank and Sonoma Family Meals to get 31,225 meals handed out.

11/8/17 After tornado damage in Muncie and Yorktown Indiana we purchased and delivered work gloves, contractor garbage bags, shovels, tarps and materials to repair house damage.

12/28/17 We have teamed up with Operation Nehemiah to install insulation in 20 houses by the end of January. These houses are located in the Baton Rouge area were we were setup last year.

1/1/18 We are continuing to help in Texas and Louisiana at this time.
Churches, businesses or individuals if you have funds to donate for mission work you should not struggle with the questions where is the need, who should get the help or how is our donations being spent. The Disaster Assistance Mission IS YOUR ANSWER, let us administer your donations for you. We know where the need is, we have volunteers or contacts there to help get the work done. We post updates with photos so you or your members can say look this is what our donations are doing.

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