Hi Everyone
We are still very busy in Florida after Hurricane Michael. So far we have either handed out, prepared or funded over 65,000 meals in Marianna, Panama City, Mexico Beach & surrounding areas. In Marianna we have a food and supply distribution camp setup.
Information we are receiving is that most of the food and supply distribution locations in and around Marianna have closed. This makes our needs even greater because more families will be counting on us for food and supplies.
In California there are two major fires burning right now. The Camp Fire just south of Redding where we setup just a few weeks ago has become the worst in CA history. We have several contacts in that area and have talked with several of them on how we can help. I will remain in Florida and coordinate our help in CA form there like I did for the Sana Rosa Fire last year where we help provide over 30,000 meals. I am just waiting for updates on what we feel would be the best way or ways for us to help.

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