-Disaster Assistance-Alabama/Florida-Today 3/9/2019 has been another Super-D-Duper day. I left Dothan at 6:45am heading back to Lee County AL to meet up with Bob who will be supervising our operation there for awhile. On the way there I received a call from a church wanting to hand out lunch bag meals tomorrow and they didn’t have enough funds. I told them to meet me where I was meeting Bob and another man that was to receive the Totes from High Socks For Hope that I had with me. When I arrived we unloaded the totes from my truck to theirs and then had the other church follow Bob and me to Sam’s where we purchased lunchmeat, bread, individual bags of cookies, Powerade & bags for 300 meals. They will prepare these and hand out tomorrow.

Bob & I then drove around looking for a good location for the groups we have coming to cook to setup. We also stopped by Tenth Street CoC’s supply distribution site for a quick visit. Then on our way back to Bob’s truck we found a great location for our cooking groups. On the days we do not have someone cooking Bob & volunteers from Auburn CoC will hand out sandwiches, trail mix plus supplies they can pick up from the Tenth Street CoC location.

On my way back to Dothan I stopped by 3 locations and purchased all of their coffee pots, toasters, electric can openers & one burner hot plates they had. These will be used in our phase 2 FL Panhandle program.
If you would like to help with this work–let us administer your donations for you. We know where the need is, we have volunteers or contacts there to help get the work done. We post updates with photos so you or your members can say look this is what our donations are doing. Donation information at an outreach mission of the Church of Christ


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