-Disaster Assistance Mission/Hurricane Laura-Well today was a busy, busy, busy day. We handed out 2500 meals, cakes, rolls, biscuits, 4 different kinds of sausage, mixed vegies, large hams, waffles, pancakes & fully cooked bacon.

We also handed out 1500 pairs of Bombas Socks, thanks to Good360 thru High Socks For Hope. Jim looked up the retail price for these socks and it was $12.00 per pair. That is $18,000.00 worth of socks handed out today. Sure glad they were donated.

Also the Youth Minister & a Elder from Lake Jackson Church of Christ came with a load of supplies for us. When their trailer was unloaded we took it along with Chris and his pickup over to where a group has been feeding the electrical workers, they are closing and gave us a 16 ft trailer and a full pickup of frozen & refrigerated food.

Below is update from Gloria.
Gloria Seymore Harrington is with Mike Baumgartner.
24m ·
Wow, what a day! Things started out a little slow, then we ended up handing our food two hours later than usual! Two great volunteers from the community came to help and also Bryant, minister of the Liberty, Texas Church of Christ. He helped load and unload things, along with handing out water and bags of donated Bombas socks, donated via Judy Pearson Holland with High Socks for Hope. Jim and I were able to deliver more supplies last evening to a needy family that were sent by Judy.

A truck and trailer load of supplies were brought to us from Lake Jackson, TX Church of Christ. After that was unloaded, the guys went to pick up a huge load of donated frozen items. Mike just backed that trailer up beside our street side station, we put out a Facebook post about it, then the cars appeared! Word gets out pretty quickly here when we have extra supplies! I have no idea how many cars came, but every household got a great load of food ranging from cakes, sausages, rolls, whole hams, hot dogs and buns, and I really don’t know what else! My new friend, Wendy, and I were so busy packing up sandwiches, chips, and sweets, while Mike and Liz were handing out the frozen foods. We also had frozen biscuits and sausage this morning, then frozen breakfast burritos. People are so grateful!

It’s still hot here, but we had a nice breeze most of the day. It’s the first day I haven’t had a iced towel around my neck all day! It was hot enough, but not as hot as the days prior.

I was thrilled to see Raymond on his newly repaired bicycle tire. He was very happy. A few hours later, he came by again pushing the bike and reported that “his cousin had punched a hole in his tire “ … deliberately! Needless to say, we were disappointed. I know we can’t fix everything, but I wish this guy could get a break.

Another guy came by who has been very discouraged. He doesn’t have insurance on his house, has roof and fence damage, FEMA isn’t helping, and he and his wife have been back and forth during evacuation; sounds to me like they have been sent from place to place with no real solution for anything. I think any help he gets will have to be volunteer groups. I asked him to pull into the parking lot, and Bryant talked to him and prayed with him for a while. Then as he was leaving, another local volunteer arrived, I explained the situation, and she got on the phone to call another church group who has construction volunteers. She talked with our friend for a while, and I hope they were able to coordinate some help. He promised to come back and keep us up to date with his progress. God is good 🙏

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