Hurricane Sally Update


Hi Everyone
We just completed the 1st week here at the Summerdale Church of Christ. 14,832 meals have been handed out at the drive through here at the church of delivered out into the damaged areas. Combine that with the meals we handed out the 3 previous for Hurricane Laura and our 4 week total is over 91 Thousand meals.
This mission can continue these type of numbers only with your help. You can donate to our work 2 ways. Online at or make check payable to and mail to:
Disaster Assistance CoC, C/O Lake Jackson Church of Christ, 402 Center Way St, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. If you want this donation to go towards our work the above two options are the only choices. Making check payable to someone else or mailing to a different address will not go towards this effort.
Below is the latest update about the damage to the Church Buildings here at Summerdale CoC.
As some of you may know, our buildings were damaged during Hurricane Sally. Structurally we had only a little bit of damage, however because of the excess of rain, flooding, and leaks, we have sustained about $300,000 worth of damage on this facility. Our deductible is $30,000. Mold/mildew is treated, compromised sheetrock is removed, pews, carpet & tile are dry. Thank you ServPro. Reconstruction will take a few weeks.
Estimates for the fellowship hall and administrative wing is still being calculated. It will likely be very high. The deductible for that building is $78,000. Bottom line is that we will be collecting donations for these deductibles and making adjustments to our worship services and events.
For our members, do not fret or worry. We will survive this! We are going to move back into the fellowship hall for services on a limited basis. We will move forward with social distancing as we have in the past. The work in the main building may take several weeks. We have to remove crown molding, baseboard, sheet rock, and insulation. We appreciate your patience.
For our church friends and community, the Summerdale Church of Christ remains to be a beacon of light and hope to this community. We’re not going anywhere. We are determined to continue serving meals, spreading the gospel of Christ, and shining our light.

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